Closure Notice and Content Redirection

Content Redirection


Due to health problems and a run of rotten luck, Cate Russell-Cole: Artios Communications, Cate's Etsy shop and all of Cate's blogs have been permanently closed. However, the King David project content is still thriving!

The King David Project, From Despair to Deliverance, has been expanded and moved to WIX as a free site.

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past four years. You can still find me at the Facebook and Twitter links mentioned, so don't be a stranger and remember, I will always share great content. The best of luck. Cate



From Despair to Deliverance: the King David Project

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All the King David Project files are now licenced under a Creative Commons Licence: you can share, copy, print, reproduce, publish, adapt and build on this work for personal, non-profit and commercial use. Please use it freely. If you wish to attribute it back to Cate, please use: "Researched and Created by Cate Russell-Cole, Brisbane, Australia." The licence does NOT extend to any images used in these files, with the exception of the family tree images.

If any of these links change, the updates will be on a pinned post on the Facebook page. Please like it and ensure notifications are switched on, so you receive update information.


Prayer Journal Workshop

The book has been extended and is now also free, via Cate's Google Drive account. You can find it here:

This file is covered by the usual copyright, but you are most welcome to share it, as long as it is not sold and remains in tact with Cate Russell-Cole's copyright on it.

For further information, leave a comment on one of The King David Project's posts on Facebook.